Fires can be devastating

Having a fire can be devastating. Not only is your home or property damaged, but it can be filled with soot and odor that is very difficult to remove. With Peerless, our experts will guide you through the process of restoring your home and it's contents to their original state.

We work directly with your insurance agency to make this process as smooth as possible and get you back to living your life.


A building in my condo association recently caught fire and had extensive smoke damage. The entire Peerless crew has been great to deal with!

-Amy Mills


Experience and Training

Fires can be sneaky, and damages often reach areas where the untrained eye wouldn't see. The Peerless professionals are highly trained and educated in restoration methods combating the effects of fire and smoke. Our technicians are trained in the restoration process and odor control for both building/structural needs and personal contents/property. All this training ensures that we take the best possible care of your property.

Immediate Action is Imperative

You would think that once a fire has been extinguished and the fire trucks are gone the damage would be complete. That is not always the case. Immediate response after a fire will ensure additional damage is not done to the property or the contents inside. When measures have been taken to extinguish a fire you may need to address both water and fire damage. This is not a job for the do-it-yourself property owner. The professionals at Peerless are the experts in both water and fire restoration. They have experience in extensive commercial block fires, warehouses, residential homes and even small sheds. No matter the size or damage, the Peerless team can help return your property to its pre-loss conditions.

Fire Damage In Kitchen
Fire Restoration Care

Itemized Inventory

An itemized inventory of restorable and non-restorable contents is prepared for damaged areas. Items Peerless deems non-restorable are returned to the homeowner along with their cleaned contents.

Pack-Out, Cleaning and Storage

When a building experiences structural damage from a fire, all contents that have experienced fire/smoke damage are carefully wrapped, boxed and loaded into a Peerless truck. Contents are then unloaded and securely stored in Peerless vaults in our temperature-controlled warehouse. Here they will be meticulously cleaned and repacked until it is time for them to be moved back home.

Dry Cleaning

Garment Restoration

Garment restoration is not just about salvaging your clothing. Most soft goods in your home can also be restored. Bedding, quilts, stuffed animals, pillows, drapes, shoes, and purses can often be saved from the damage of smoke, soot, and water. Wet items need to be collected immediately, as getting these items dried as soon as possible will keep colors from bleeding and mold from beginning to grow.

Odors associated with smoke damage can be difficult to remove at home. The Peerless professionals have specialized products and an ozone room to eliminate smells. Their high-tech machines can also be programmed based on the task at hand to get optimal cleaning results.

Peerless understands that under these stressful situations, life must go on. A Peerless team is available 24/7 to pack and pick-up your garments. Emergency garments, two to three weeks of clothing, can be processed and returned typically within 48 hours. The remaining items are inventoried by the room they were removed from, cleaned and stored until you are ready for them to be returned.

Restoration Industry Association

Certifications: Certified Restorer, Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician, Odor Control Technician, Journeyman Fire & Smoke Restorer, Master Fire & Smoke Restorer

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Emergency Preparedness

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