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5 Tips for Keeping your Dog Calm this 4th of July!

  We love to celebrate the Fourth of July and all of its wonderful things, but our furry friends often have other opinions of this holiday. Firework displays putting off loud booms and flashes of light, and parties with many strange guests and smells, the Fourth of July can be stressful for your dog or…

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Frozen Pipes, What to do…

Frozen Pipes – What to look for and what to do… Freezing temperatures bring along many possible issues, especially for your home. When the temperature starts dropping below 0 degrees, we often begin to see frozen pipes causing havoc in people’s homes. But what can you do about frozen pipes in your home?  Water is unique…

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How to stay warm in freezing temperatures!

  Want to know how to stay warm in freezing temperatures? Well, we will be seeing windchills upwards of -30+ degrees this week! Your home will struggle to maintain temperatures, if not completely fail all together. As your water damage experts, we commonly see this issue cause many broken pipes!   Just a simple 1/8…

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Spring Showers: The Do’s & Don’ts When Your Home Has Water Damage

Oh, the infamous spring showers. They can be cool and refreshing or your worst nightmare. A soothing light rain between the hours of 1:00am and 5:00am is just what the doctor ordered for greening grass and growing flowers. The hypnotizing sound can induce a great night’s sleep as you dream of flowers opening up as the…

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Safety Tip – Fire Extinguishers in the Home

You just finished dinner and are stuffed full from a wonderful home cooked meal. But wait! What’s that smell? Smells like… like… like something is burning. FIRE! You forgot about the rolls that were left in the oven and now there is an inferno of dancing flames coming from the oven door! WHAT TO DO?!…

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Having A Plan Can Save Your Life

The weather radio buzzes to life—-another thunderstorm watch—-or maybe today it’s a tornado warning. The sky outside is turning the grey-green of pea soup and storms. As the winds pick up, the dogs start pacing in front of the front picture window and raindrops start to pelt your roof. Where do you go? What do…

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cold snap left frozen pipes bursting in its wake

Did Your Pipes Burst? Call Restoration Companies in Illinois ASAP!

Winter has been uncharacteristically cold for Illinois this year. As a result, it was not only slippery driveways, blustering snowstorms, and jagged ice dams that residents had to contend with; they had to worry about burst water pipes, too. Such was the dilemma faced by one business owner, chronicled in an article from

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Illinois Mold Removal Companies: Ridding Schools of Dangerous Fungi

Schools in America get only 180 days each year to teach kids. Unfortunately, students are rarely present for each and every one of these days. If illness or family emergencies occur, they may need to take a few days off from school. The same goes if inclement weather like storms, hurricanes, and heavy snowfall arrive.

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Carpet Cleaning in Springfield, IL: Care for Carpets with Pets Around

Carpets make your home look stylish, warm and comfortable, and having a clean carpet can even help improve your home’s value. Pets are invaluable companions, helpers, and precious members of the family. Unfortunately, these two must-haves in your home don’t always go well together, and most of the time, having a pet means calling Springfield…

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