Upholstery Cleaning

Keep you furniture clean

Is your furniture looking dingy or worn out? When was the last time it was truely cleaned? Cleaning your furniture should be part of normal maintenance. When you consider the amount of time you and your loved ones spend relaxing on your favorite chair or sofa, the idea of keeping it healthy and clean becomes very appealing.

Bring life back to your furntiure with a deep cleaning from Peerless. Our experts take the time to make sure your upholstery recieves the proper cleaning and care it requires.

With kids or pets, your furniture may experience more than normal activity. So protect your upholstery with our Scotchgard protectant. Scotchgard makes for easier cleaning, especially after accidents, and will keep your furniture looking better longer.

Take care of your furniture and make it last, have it cleaned by the professionals your can trust.


experience & training

At Peerless, we believe the best way to truly serve our customers is to have the best trained and educated employees we can possibly have. Our technicians go through extensive training and are IICRC certified (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), making them your local industry experts.

Upholstery care tips

  • Use arm caps to prolong the life and appearance of areas prone to wear and tear.
  • Vacuum thoroughly to remove dry soil.
  • Cushions and pillows should be reversed or rotated on a regular basis. Frequent “fluffing” will also help evenly distribute the filling for maximum comfort.

Upholstery Care Myths

  1. Always follow the cleaning guidelines found on your furniture. The key word here is “guidelines” and they can be misleading. Often times, fiber tags include the materials used for the fill and stuffing and not the outer fabric. Our experts can differentiate these materials and even test clean in a small inconspicuous area to determine the best method for cleaning.
  2. My furniture doesn’t get dirty like the floors do. When your skin comes in direct contact with furniture it leaves behind oils, perspiration and skin cells. Cleaning your furniture helps maintain a clean healthy living environment.
  3. Dry cleaning is always the best way to clean my upholstery. Dry cleaning solvents are about 40% less effective than water-based cleaning methods. There are also many ways when cleaning with water to protect colors and dyes in your furniture. Our experts are trained to determine which method is best to achieve the best possible clean.

IICRCCertifications: Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician, Journeyman Textile Cleaner, Master Textile Cleaner

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