Illinois Mold Removal Companies: Ridding Schools of Dangerous Fungi

Schools in America get only 180 days each year to teach kids. Unfortunately, students are rarely present for each and every one of these days. If illness or family emergencies occur, they may need to take a few days off from school. The same goes if inclement weather like storms, hurricanes, and heavy snowfall arrive.

parents frustrated as mold closes hinsdale middle school

Sometimes though, classes are suspended because problems in the school premises arise. This is exactly what happened to an Illinois middle school when a mold infestation was found in the property:

“Burr Ridge resident Alessio Foracappa is frustrated that his twin daughters will miss more school.

His daughters and other Hinsdale Middle School students were told to stay home this week after mold was detected in the building.

“It’s a pain and an inconvenience,” Foracappa said. “I don’t know what they are going to do at home all day.”

During an emergency meeting Tuesday night, District 181 school board members mulled options for how to handle instruction of students while Hinsdale Middle School is closed.

Staff recommended keeping the school closed the rest of this week to give time for cleaning. They also recommended implementing a split schedule at Clarendon Middle School, starting on Monday if the ductwork is not cleaned by Sunday.”

Why did the school shut down its operations? According to the United States Environment Protection Agency, molds can cause a plethora of health problems, like skin irritations, allergic reactions, asthma attacks and other respiratory problems. Black mold, one of the most dangerous species, even produces toxins that can cause seizures and heart damage.

Fortunately, Springfield, IL mold remediation experts like Peerless Restoration can rid schools and other establishments of these dangerous fungi. The first thing these companies do is to contain the infested room so that mold spores will not be transmitted to unaffected areas when work commences. They do this by setting up proper ventilation and by using air filtration devices.

Only then can the mold be cleaned and the infected parts disposed of. Then, the contractors apply a special solution to prevent the future growth of molds. Lastly, they look for and address the moisture source that caused the infestation in the first place.

The Hinsdale Middle School finally reopened its doors in February and its 800 students are finally back in class. With the help of professional mold removal from Illinois contractors, schools like it can resume operations as soon as possible.

(Source: Parents frustrated as mold closes Hinsdale Middle School, The Chicago Tribune, January 21, 2014)