How to stay warm in freezing temperatures!


Want to know how to stay warm in freezing temperatures? Well, we will be seeing windchills upwards of -30+ degrees this week! Your home will struggle to maintain temperatures, if not completely fail all together. As your water damage experts, we commonly see this issue cause many broken pipes!


Just a simple 1/8 inch crack in a pipe can release 250 gallons a day, meaning bad news for your home. These frigid temperatures are the leading cause of pipe breaks. Just like we learned back in science class, materials contract and expand as they are cooled and heated. This is how your pipes can break when they freeze and thaw back and forth.


In order to keep yourself warm, and your home safe, during these temperatures, follow these simple steps.


1. Raise the temperature in your home 2 or 4 degrees above your normal thermostat setting. 

2. Take all programmable thermostat settings out of setback mode and set on a permanent HOLD setting.

3. If your filter is dirty… Replace your HVAC filter to insure proper air flow.

4. Limit opening exterior doors. This includes your garage door.

5. Make sure air vents and radiators are not closed, blocked, obstructed.


Even after following these steps, forzen pipe breaks are still a possibility. To be prepared for this type of incident, make sure you know where your water shutoff valve is. Also, make sure you have important phone numbers on hand such as: a plumber, your insurance agent, water service provider, and of course Peerless!



If you are away from your home, or you know someone who is away, please make sure that these steps are followed. Unocupied homes tend to be largest losses because when a pipe breaks, no one is around to notice it. This allows the water to pour out over a long perior of time and can result in worst conditions such as mold.


If the temperatures drop in your home during this cold spell, your furnace will not be able to recover until the temperature rises and windchill diminishes. To help minimize temperature loss you can boil water, make soup, or stews; they help introduce humidity and warmer temperatures to your home. DO NOT use your oven or grill to heat your home. Please make sure to check on neighbors and elderly residents during these extreme temperatures. 


Stay warm and keep your home safe this week, with these helpful tips!


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