Why and How to Clean your Phone during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Man holding smartphone.


With the recent pandemic and outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, it is very important to keep touchpoints clean to help stop the spread of the virus. One of our most commonly touched items, if not THE MOST commonly touched item, is our phone and its touch screen. We’re going to dive in and give you tips on how and why we should be regularly cleaning our phones.


With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we’re all talking about prevention and protection from catching and spreading the virus, and mainly focusing on touchpoints. Check out our blog about the two-step process for cleaning touchpoints here.


While we normally focus on doorknobs and light switches when talking about touchpoints, we often forget about the things we touch most… our phones!


How to clean your phone


Each phone manufacturer’s instructions may be different, so please check with your device’s manufacture before cleaning to avoid any possible damages. You can read Apple’s directions on their site here.


Follow these steps to get the best possible clean of your device.


Step 1:

If your phone has a protective case, please remove it from the case and place the case to the side. Make sure all external power sources, devices, and cables are unplugged from your device. Then turn off your phone.


Step 2:

Damp a microfiber cloth with a soap/water mix and lightly wipe down the device. Avoid getting moisture into any openings.


Step 3:

Once the device is clean and dried, use a disinfecting solution applied on a new microfiber cloth and wipe down the device again. Make sure you let the disinfectant sit for 10 minutes to be most effective.


Some important notes… Keep moisture from getting into any openings on your device. Never apply a solution directly to your device. Avoid using aerosol sprays, bleaches, or abrasives, as these can be damaging to your device. And always check your device’s manufactures website for cleaning details directly related to your device.


In addition to cleaning your phone, these steps can be applied to clean and disinfect all of your devices. And, don’t forget to clean your protective cases and other accessories too.