Crawl Space Encapsulation

Most people pay no attention to their crawl space until they have a serious issue they cannot avoid. Sound familiar? This can cause you to spend more money on repairs than you would have spent on prevention. Crawl spaces often flood easily and can be filled with unwanted debris. Moisture in your crawl space can be a breeding ground for insects, rodents, odor, and moldThis can damage your home from the ground up.  

The Peerless Crawl Space Encapsulation System will turn your dark, dirty, and largely ignored crawl space into clean, dry, usable space. Contact us for a FREE crawl space inspection. We can evaluate your needs and recommend the perfect solution for your home.

Crawl Space Installation


  • Minimize moisture
  • Prevent mold and odor
  • Create additional space for storage
  • Save money on energy bills
  • Improve air quality

Moisture Control

Is flooding, groundwater seepage or other leaks a problem in your crawl space? If so, water management inside of your crawl space is necessary and we can help. Peerless Cleaning & Restoration Services will dig a sump pump pit and install a basin and pump to keep water from accumulating in your crawl space. We will then create a drainage system by digging a trench around the interior perimeter of your crawl space and installing socked drainage tile. This drainage tile will collect water and carry it to your sump pump forcing the unwanted water out of your crawl space and away from your home.

To reduce and control moisture, a dehumidifier may also be installed in your crawl space. Conjointly, we recommend using a wireless humidistat to detect any issues of high humidity. If your dehumidifier is not working properly or some other issue causes high levels of humidity to suddenly enter your crawl space the humidistat will let you know.

Crawl Space Before After

Controlling the Environment

Crawl spaces are often seen as wasted space underneath your home. With the Peerless crawl space encapsulation system, we create a controlled environment by covering the floor, walls, and supports of your crawl space with our top of the line vapor barrier. Our vapor barrier is constructed of high-quality polyethylene with polyester mesh reinforcement and will keep moisture out. Once the crawl space vapor barrier has been installed, the header joist and sill plate are insulated. This will ensure that the hot or cold air from outside is not invading your space and also reduces the area where insects, rodents or other pests may find accessibility to enter.

Now your crawl space has become a clean, controlled environment. The area will no longer change daily based on outdoor temperatures and humidity levels beyond your control. You have conditioned the air creating benefits not just in the crawl space itself but in the areas above it and ultimately your entire home.

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