Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bugs can be a critical threat to your home or business!

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), bed bug infestations continue to climb.

It is very possible bed bugs are living and multiplying on your property. They have arrived from hitching a ride on clothing, luggage or personal property. Unfortunately, simple cleaning and chemical treatments are not effective in completely eliminating these pesticide resistant bugs. As people come and go, bed bugs are there to stay.

Bed Bug Equipment

How Do You Kill Bed Bugs?

With the Peerless Bed Bug Heat Treatment, all stages of bed bugs are eliminated in just one day. Using heat to treat your problem, we can rid your home of these nasty pests without the use of chemicals or disposing of any personal belongings.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Our heat remediation process is a same day elimination treatment that kills ALL stages of bed bugs including larva and eggs without the use of chemicals. By evenly distributing and maintaining high levels of heat throughout the structure we ensure treatment of all the hard to reach places bed bugs like to hide, such as walls, mattresses, and baseboards.

During the process, we also manipulate furniture, bedding, and clothing to make sure everything is heated and no stone is left unturned. We will then cool down your structure and do our best to return your belongings to their original spots. A typical heat treatment takes approximately 7-10 hours from setup to tear down. Time may vary due to the size of the structure, amount of contents, and level of inspection.

Commonly Asked Questions

Will heat treatment melt anything?

It will. Any item such as candles, chocolate, and makeup that are susceptible to heat should be placed in the refrigerator. If you wouldn’t leave it in the car during a hot summer day it should not remain out during treatment.

Do I need to remove my belongings prior to heat treatment?

No, EVERYTHING will need to be treated - bedding, clothing, luggage, purses and anything that could possibly be home to any bugs. Only items that are susceptible to heat and aerosol cans should be removed.

Will heat treatment damage my electronics?

Electronics are generally rated for 150-180 degrees. We operate well below those temperatures. We will ask you to unplug electronics as part of the preparation, which will further protect your items.


1. Bed Bugs can fly: They do not have wings…

2. Bed bugs bite only at night: They are primarily nocturnal…but they go where you go, which means you may see them during the day.

3. Bed bugs live exclusively in mattresses: They should be called pet bugs, movie theater bugs, and luggage bugs. They can live anywhere, they love wood and cardboard.

4. Bed bugs prefer unsanitary sources: Bed bugs can be found in the cleanest of clean hotels, to homeless shelters. Any location is vulnerable.

5. Bed bugs travel on bodies: They are attracted to heat however they do not like high heat. Therefore, they do not stick to hair or scalp. More likely to travel on backpacks, shoes and other items farther removed from our bodies.

6. Bed bugs carry diseases: Bed bugs are the only bugs that feed on human blood that cannot transfer diseases. Bed bug bites may lead to anxiety, sleeplessness and secondary infections but no reported cases leading to diseases.

7. Bed bugs can be sprayed away: Thanks to pesticide resistance (especially in larva and egg stages), those cans at the local hardware store and pesticide spray just simply will not work. The most effective treatment is a heat treatment.

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