Salvage Valuable Carpets with Professional Decatur Carpet Cleaning

Ruth Travis, writing for, recalls an event in Colorado last September when she and other board members of the Professional Association of Cleaning and Restoration (PACR) were deliberating on whether or not to go ahead with the planned hands-on rug cleaning course in the midst of severe thunderstorms. The event was green thumbed anyway, as the city suffered millions of dollars and lives lost in the aftermath. The attendees got more than they bargained for: a series of unforgettable hands-on learning sessions.


The students crunched down the first morning as flood-damaged rugs and pricey wool carpets were brought into the facility for remediation. While the students helped out in decontamination, intensive cleaning, and drying, Travis describes how the students also learned crucial assessment methods in the process:

As the rugs came in, they were first dried out. Since the rugs had been exposed to Category 3 floodwater, once dried they were drenched – both front and back – with an antimicrobial treatment. Many of them were packed with mud, so prior to cleaning they were flushed with water, then submersion cleaned. The students helped as best they could under the circumstances and gained some valuable insight and experience along the way.

Decatur carpet cleaning in Illinois has also been a major challenge this year due to seasonal flooding, so much so that the city sought to obliterate flooding altogether by improving its storm water drain facilities. Initial improvements involve dredging and rehabilitation of the Oakley site where the sediment gets stored.

Flooding has always been regarded as a grave matter. When floodwater runs into any property, especially where carpets and rugs are extensive interior features, if left damp for any length of time, these carpets will harbor toxic mold growth that poses health dangers to residents and employees.

Decatur and Springfield, IL carpet cleaning companies, such as Peerless, along with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, recommend a professional and thorough cleaning of home and office carpets at least once a year. When faced with flood-damaged carpeting, though, especially sewage-tainted floodwater, the time and expense of salvaging the carpet may not be worth the health risk. However, if you are bent on saving your carpets, as you would most certainly with your expensive rugs, you’ll be the wiser and safer to consult with professional carpet cleaning and restoration companies like Peerless Cleaning & Restoration Services that are equipped with industrial-strength steam cleaning and drying facilities.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Rug Course Turns Into Rescue Mission in Wake of Colorado Floods,, November1, 2013)