Peerless Provides Disinfectant Services for First Responders

COVID19 Squad Car Disinfection

Peerless Cleaning & Restoration Services has announced that we will be providing free disinfectant services for first responder vehicles during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to make sure all of first responders are able to stay safe while keeping our communities protected.


Peerless is big supporter of our first responders and we understand that they are risking their lives every day for our community, especially now. That is why, starting today, Peerless will be offering free disinfectant services for first responder vehicles if they suspect the vehicle may be contaminated. All they have to do is contact the Peerless office at 217-423-7703 or 271-787-0725 to set up a time to have the vehicle wiped down with disinfectant.


Having already offered similar services to departments for many years, we believe this is the perfect way to give back. Employees here at Peerless are highly trained and certified to handle situations like this with the use of proper procedures, chemicals, and equipment, including appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE).


As the fight against COVID-19 continues, Peerless is working with area businesses and governments to provide cleaning and disinfection services to those that need it and doing their part to keep our communities safe.