Keeping Children Safe through Mold Remediation in Springfield, IL

The school is not only a place where children learn new things, it is also a haven where they are kept safe from all forms of danger, including health hazards. Aware of its role in protecting the students, the Meridian Elementary School in Mounds, Illinois was forced to stop operations and shut down when the management discovered severe mold formation in the school building. WPSD Local6 reports:


The principal discovered the toxic black mold in May. The State of Illinois later confirmed it. The Regional Superintendent got a second architect and engineer to come in and they recommended the building be condemned. The state signed off on that Thursday and issued an official letter.

All students are currently using the high school building in a split shift format. There is no timelime for that to change or for demolition of the current building. It is estimated that replacing the structure and eliminating the mold could cost about $12 million, while an additional wing at the high school could cost about $6 million.

The presence of molds in the school has brought the students and staff of Meridian Elementary School at a crossroad: staying would have brought serious health concerns to the pupils, while building a new structure will cost the state of Illinois millions of dollars, according to the article.

As the toxic mold forming in the school’s ceilings, walls and floors were believed to have come from natural moisture in the area, places in different parts of Illinois may need to be inspected regularly to avoid the spread of these health hazards. Since the safety of the children is the topmost priority, schools and other institutions should never have second thoughts about hiring a reliable Springfield, IL mold remediation company to get the job done.

Knowing the enemy

There are still a lot of people who take mold formation lightly, as they fail to realize the gravity of the situation. Molds can affect both children and adults by causing headaches, shortness of breath, as well as serious conditions like asthma and allergies.

What the pros can do

Professional mold remediation companies know that solving the problem means focusing on the main cause, which is moisture. Companies offering dependable mold removal in Illinois, like Peerless Cleaning & Restoration Services, perform thorough inspections of the affected areas and conduct moisture control procedures to curb mold formation. By choosing a trusted company led by certified technicians and water damage experts, molds will be a thing of the past.

(Article Excerpt and Image from “Meridian Elementary School condemned due to mold,” WPSD Local6, October 4, 2013)