Importance of Illinois Air Duct Cleaning: Dangers Lurking in Ductwork

The air ducts in your home’s HVAC system delivers cooled or heated air into rooms, or simply facilitates a safe air circulation within your house. In all of these scenarios, you can see how the air that passes through your ductwork needs to be as clean and free of harmful microorganisms as possible. Unfortunately, even your ducts are susceptible to getting dirty and riddled with bacteria, which explains every household’s need for efficient Illinois air duct cleaning. Here are some of the dangers that you might be facing otherwise:

do you really need to clean your air ducts

The Dangers

Dust mites are perhaps the most well-known of the possible dangers of dirty air ducts, since dust allergies are quite a common condition. However, there are still other microorganisms that might threaten your family’s health, such as e-coli which can cause symptoms like diarrhea, terrible cramps, and even nausea. Salmonella virus could also propagate in your ducts, and in your AC in general; this is a type of harmful organism that you surely don’t want anywhere near your food or your home in general.


If you don’t want any of the aforementioned threats put a damper on your family’s health, then you should get your ductwork inspected, so here are some tips from the House Logic website:

“If there’s gunk within a few feet of the register, take heart. It’s easy to snake a vacuum cleaner hose into the duct and remove the stuff. However, if you see a long trail of junk and a thick coat of dust beyond what your vacuum can reach, your house may be a candidate for professional cleaning.”

What to Look for

When searching your house, look out for any signs of substantial and visible mold growth in solid surfaces like metal or fiberglass sheets – in this case, you will definitely need the services of a professional cleaning crew. Other signs to look for include clumps or clogs of dust, debris or cobwebs getting out of the registers, as well as the presence of any rodent dropping and dead insects inside the ductwork. In case you want to look inside the areas of your ductwork that might not exactly be readily visible, many companies like Peerless Restoration can help you get a clearer view of what exactly is going on inside your air ducts.

More and more homeowners are realizing the value that air duct cleaning for Illinois homes can bring them. Not only do these services help make your ducts more efficient, but more importantly, maintaining your ductwork ultimately protects your health and that of everyone else living at home with you—and yes, that includes your loyal pets.

(Source: Do You Really Need to Clean Your Air Ducts?, House Logic)