Home Sweet Home: Air Duct Cleaning in Illinois for Quality Indoor Air

There’s more to Home Sweet Home than your house smelling sweet and clean. Without you knowing it, you and your family might be breathing in more contaminants within your walls than outdoors due to the gross quality of your indoor air. If you or a family member seem to be developing inexplicable allergies or respiratory fits, determine if your home is already due for a thorough air duct cleaning.


Over time, your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) collects particles of dust and a myriad other foreign organic matter, such as bacteria and molds, that can cause a variety of adverse health effects. Air duct cleaning in Illinois, as elsewhere, should be effective when debris in the ducts have been released.

Some cleaning companies use antimicrobial chemicals to treat microbial toxins in the interior of the air ducts. It’s important to note that any microbial cleaning agents used on your HVAC system should be approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Whether chemicals are used or not, cleaning service companies, such as Peerless Cleaning & Restoration Services, employ leading-edge Illinois air duct cleaning equipment using powerful vacuums that measure out negative pressure to the ducts to prevent the contaminants from escaping, and to effectively eject debris.

Given that clean and mold-free air ducts enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system, and that air duct maintenance occurs only once every three years, getting cleaning professionals to hose down your air ducts is worth the commitment, to ensure fresher and cleaner air in your home.

ABC Action News’ Dan Shaffer writes:

Expert recommendations vary on this subject, but most experts agree that you will benefit from duct cleaning every three to five years. A cleaning may be in order if you have smokers in the household, pets with high amounts of hair and dander, notice excessive dust, water contamination or damage, after home renovations or remodeling or prior occupancy to a new home. If you want to know what the inside of your vents look like, open up the vent covers and take a picture.

When your HVAC system is allowed to operate efficiently with the timely cleaning and maintenance of your home’s various mechanical components, you can expect your expensive heating and cooling equipment to last longer—and more invaluably, you and your family can come home to a place that has become a safe and hygienic refuge from the cloud of allergens and pollutants in the environment.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Here are tips for breathing healthy air at home and hiring a duct cleaning company, ABC Action News)