Fighting Water Damage with Trusted Restoration Companies in Illinois

An article published in the Chicago Tribune last September 19, 2013 details the aftermath of a storm that left damage in its wake:

Flight delays and power outages lingered this morning after the Chicago area was pounded by torrential rain, powerful winds and flash floods.

At one point during the storms Wednesday night, the National Weather Service estimated rain fell at a rate of 1.5 to 2 inches per hour — up to twice the rate that can trigger flash flooding in urban areas. There were reports of quarter-inch size hail and 60 mph wind gusts.

Stroger Hospital was hit with a brief power outage, and the University of Illinois Medical Center experienced water damage to several buildings, according to hospital spokeswomen. At the U. of I. hospital, the damage to equipment in one lab prevented workers from performing a specific blood test.


The damage sustained by various parts of the community calls to mind the importance of preventive and reactive measures in the area, and why people should connect with reputable restoration companies in Illinois immediately.

Chicago was heavily affected by the storm, with widespread flooding in different parts of the city interrupting the flow of operations. The flash floods also had an effect on the houses and hospitals, according to the report. If the September storm could already cause this much trouble to the city, imagine the situation in the area in winter.

Chicago constantly experiences very cold winters, and these can cause pipes to freeze, break, and leak, allowing water to enter and ruin some parts of the home. Ice dams that are left unchecked can also damage both the roofing and the interior of the home.

If this unfortunate event ever happens to your property, it is imperative that you call professional services that repair water damage in Bloomington or Chicago. Cleaning and restoration companies like Peerless Cleaning & Restoration Services can immediately work on areas affected by water damage, and are available any time of the year (meaning, any season, as long as the roads permit them to arrive at your doorstep).

Clearing homes immediately of any water damage will help affected households restore order at home as soon as possible. If you want to bring back the comfort of your home after it has been wrecked by floods and other forms of water damage, contact restoration services right away.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Flight delays, outages linger after storms, Chicago Tribune, September 19, 2013)