Don’t Wait to Call for Winter Mold Remediation in Springfield, IL

The bone-chilling cold that gripped much of North America in January 2014 caused a lot of problems in many places, even in states like Illinois which was already accustomed to this kind of weather in previous years. According to the Chicago Tribune, local officials had to deal with floods in some areas, on top of repairing the damage caused by excess ice and snow so far into the winter season. Even the simple act of melting the ice to make some roads passable became quite tricky:

In Will County, to help melt the ice, officials plan to take the unusual step of siphoning nuclear reactor-warmed water into the river.

With three-quarters of an inch of rain expected, and snowmelt potentially producing a similar amount of water, the National Weather Service warned that area rivers and creeks could rise over time.

weekend warm-up a mixed blessing

Indeed, this phenomenon came as a sort-of rude awakening to many people in Illinois. It’s now clear that floods can come not only during the state’s wet season, but also at wintertime. This, in turn, also means that harmful molds found in flooded basements, wet spots, and the like can grow anytime. As such, homeowners should keep in touch with reliable damage restoration companies like Peerless Restoration, which offers mold remediation in Springfield, IL. After all, molds don’t just simply leave behind ugly stains in walls and ceilings.

Most species of mold aren’t harmful to humans, but since the toxic ones have much in common with the non-toxic species (especially in terms of appearance), all of them are treated with the same level of attention. Left unchecked, molds can cause several types of illnesses like asthma, chronic coughs, skin irritation, and some neurological problems. Even the spores of the less hazardous species of mold can be quite problematic to people with certain allergies and/or weak immune systems. Ordinary households can deal with molds by locating and cleaning up patches of water in their homes, although it’s usually best if they rely on professionals.

Besides, molds almost always thrive during storm and hurricane season, which means that calling a reliable provider of mold removal in Illinois is just as important as calling utility crews that provide damage restoration services. Incidentally, some of these crews are also adept at mold remediation, which makes things easier for homeowners. Assuming that the next winter in Illinois is just as terrible as the 2013-2014 season, such convenience will be greatly appreciated.

(Article Information and Image from Weekend warm-up a mixed blessing, Chicago Tribune, January 11, 2014)