Did Your Pipes Burst? Call Restoration Companies in Illinois ASAP!

Winter has been uncharacteristically cold for Illinois this year. As a result, it was not only slippery driveways, blustering snowstorms, and jagged ice dams that residents had to contend with; they had to worry about burst water pipes, too. Such was the dilemma faced by one business owner, chronicled in an article from Pantagraph.com:

“Nathan Fricke sat in the garage of the Fricke-Calvert-Schrader Funeral Home in Lincoln on Wednesday afternoon, surrounded by ruined computer equipment, awaiting the arrival of an insurance adjuster.

Fricke, a partner and director of Fricke-Calvert-Schrader, said that sometime between 1 p.m. Sunday and Monday morning, a water pipe had frozen and then burst. Funeral director Steve Jenness walked into the office at 127 S. Logan St. Monday morning, to find it flooded the office, destroying computers, furniture and a false ceiling.”

Of course, the funeral home is far from the only victim of frozen pipes. According to news outlet WJBC.com, even counties like Bloomington are facing this problem. In fact, the area experienced 22 water main breaks in early February alone.

cold snap left frozen pipes bursting in its wake

The Insurance Information Institute says winter-related home damages account for about $1.4 billion dollars’ worth of claims each year, and this includes flooding caused by burst pipes. Contrary to what most people believe, however, it is not the ice per se that causes the cracks. Rather, the ice blocks the pipes and increases the water pressure downstream—i.e., towards your faucet—and this is what causes pipes to burst.

If burst pipes have you wading inside your house, be sure to contact restoration companies in Illinois immediately. Even just six inches of water can cost a 1000-square foot home up to $20,000 in repair costs, and the longer the water sits, the more damages your carpeting, flooring and dry wall will sustain. Furthermore, the water can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and mold can start growing in as little as 48 hours, thus putting your family’s health at risk.

When it comes to water damage in Bloomington homes though, call on trusted contractors like Peerless Restoration to do the job. Top companies offer 24/7 emergency services, and use the best turbo dryers and industrial dehumidifiers to get rid of the water quickly. They can also help you file a claim with your insurance company, so you don’t have to deal with the complex paperwork involved.

(Source: Cold snap left frozen pipes bursting in its wake, Pantagraph.com, January 08, 2014)