Carpet Cleaning in Springfield, IL: Care for Carpets with Pets Around

Carpets make your home look stylish, warm and comfortable, and having a clean carpet can even help improve your home’s value. Pets are invaluable companions, helpers, and precious members of the family. Unfortunately, these two must-haves in your home don’t always go well together, and most of the time, having a pet means calling Springfield IL carpet cleaning services more often. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to ensure that your carpets remain in excellent condition even when your trusty pets are inside most of the time.

how to carte for your carpet if you have pets at home

Stain Resistant Carpets

Give yourself a head-start by purchasing stain resistant carpets, since most of the mess your pets will be making on your floor involves little accidents (or possibly territory markers). This type of carpet typically costs a lot more than the conventional variety, but it can significantly help lessen the load of having to deep clean your carpet every now and then, not to mention that stain resistant carpets have more longevity in general.

Trim Pet Nails

You might not readily notice it, but your pet’s nails can take quite a toll on your carpet’s life, especially if they simply love skittering around your floor whenever they get excited (it doesn’t matter if it’s a cat or a dog). Trimming your pets’ nails whenever they get sharp can keep your carpet fibers from unravelling or getting torn off on contact.

Hardwood Entrances

Having a hardwood or tile entrance can help keep your dogs from leaving outdoors bacteria and dirt on your carpet, according to Amerifirst:

“After taking the dog for a walk when it has been raining or snowing, a hardwood or tile floor entrance with a rug that they can walk over first is ideal. This prevents wet and muddy feet from making prints on the floor and prevents the mud from getting on the carpet. Some dogs will play in mud or splash a little due to their size. Keep a towel handy, next to the entry door, to wipe them off.”

Vacuum Often

Of course, another excellent tip to keep your carpet looking clean and stylish even with a pet in the house is to run a vacuum over your entire floor regularly. Even if you have a pet that doesn’t shed a lot, there could still be dander collecting on your floor as a result. In fact even pet drool itself can damage your carpet.

Another great tip is to regularly call efficient carpet cleaners in Springfield, IL for help. Firms like Peerless Restoration should have efficient cleaning services suited for your carpet’s maintenance needs.

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