Always Work with Damage Restoration Companies in Illinois for Clean-up

House or apartment fires can be quite messy in more ways than one. In a story published by Valley News Live from North Dakota, an apartment fire in Fargo caused by an unattended candle unexpectedly left behind only minor burns and smoke damage. Instead, firefighters and clean-up crews were faced with massive flooding and extensive water damage, due to the apartment’s sprinkler system, spraying water everywhere and doing more than just put out the blaze.

major water damage to fargo high rise after small fire

As incredulous as the story seems to be, this type of incident is actually quite common throughout the US and forms the basis for some of the criticism behind water sprinklers. Of course, water damage is a small price to pay if it means saving lives, because indoor fires are responsible for about 85 percent of fire-related deaths in the country yearly. Still, that doesn’t eliminate the fact that the resulting clean-up will be a pain, with all the smoke, cinder, and water that needs to be removed from the site afterward. Thankfully, there are professionals on stand-by who can perform fire and water damage restoration jobs reliably, like the guys from Peerless Restoration, one of the leading restoration companies in Illinois.

People shouldn’t hesitate to call contractors rather than try to fix the damage themselves, for a number of reasons. Firstly, disaster clean-up can be hazardous. In the context of fire and water damage restoration, clean-up crews are at risk of touching live electrical wires, inhaling toxic fumes, and coming into contact with sharp objects. Homeowners shouldn’t put themselves in danger because there are professionals who are trained to do the job safely.

Secondly, water damages aren’t always covered by home insurance policies. Generally, insurance companies only provide compensation for homeowners who suffered from floods due to heavy rain or overflowed rivers, not the excessive amounts of water left behind by a sprinkler system or firefighters who battled the blaze. So rather than clean things up by themselves and cause further damage, Illinoisans should hire experts in water damage restoration from Springfield IL who are insured and certified to perform the repairs.

In the meantime, residents should be more careful about cooking, smoking, and using electrical equipment which are touted as the prime sources of fires in the country.


(Article Information and Image from Major Water Damage to Fargo High Rise After Small Fire, Valley News Live, December 18, 2013)